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    Hello there,
    I was born in 1986 in Ankara, my education and work life has sprouted again in this city, 2003 with the graduation of active student life aside, I thought I would know the shape of my own life pleasure, but then shaped by some standards of working life, I started a career journey.
    In the first years of my working life, I worked in international firms, retail channels in sales and marketing departments, then in advertising and publicity departments. The technical details I discovered and some of their presentations were fascinating for me, and I took the trainings and seminars that might benefit me, thinking that I would be more efficient in production and project related activities. I meet the needs of a few companies with the aim of not finishing my courses successfully,
    year in retail and now my career final by the retail sector in 2009, including several hospitals in Turkey and Sydney Airport refresh Studies in place receives a corporate company's routing systems are known in the production department and renewed energy projects also worked as a technician. I have fulfilled my military service in the frigate of the Turkish navy, Nato (F-494), so I had the chance to see many African and European countries.
    At the end of my military service, the contraction in the sector and the widespread use of import were the means of meeting the alternative project sectors. In my job search process, I tried to keep myself updated for a short period of time as freelance by giving support to the agencies such as copywriting, graphic design, 3d modeling and animation, mapping of the projects to the project offices, taking pictures, taking sections, and taking part in the exhibition.
    As of 2013, I continue to work as the Technical Painter in the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, stream rehabilitation, flood protection, pond, dam and irrigation projects, architectural and construction project
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